Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Are Focusing More on Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, or commonly known as male boobs, is a term used to define excessive breast enlargement in males. The condition occurs due to the presence of enlarged breast tissue in men. It can be normally found in new born babies because of the transfer female hormones from the mother. If the symptoms are found in adolescence or at elderly age, then it is abnormal and requires proper treatment. It is often considered that the problem occurs because of the imbalance in the normal ratio of sex hormones. Some drugs can also be responsible for for a man to develop gynecomastia. The bottom line is having enlarged breast is an embarrassing situation for men and can cause discomfort and pain in the chest. The reason why surgeons in Beverly Hills are focusing their practice around male plastic surgery is because the increased percentage of the population taking steroids. Men aren’t realizing the potential damage steroids can cause and end up getting man boobs.

There are commonly three types of gynecomastia that occur (out of several different types) . The three most common types are pubertal gynecomastia, pseudo gynecomastia and puffy nipples. The first one, pubertal gynecomastia, develops during the puberty period. This is because several hormone changes occur at that time. Once a man’s hormones return to normal percentages, gynecomastia fades away. In most cases this can take a few months to years to disappear. Unfortunately, sometimes males are stuck with pubertal gynecomastia and they require proper treatment or surgery to get rid of this.

The second one, pseudo gynecomastia, describes the excess fat on the chest. The accumulation of large fat on the chest area makes it more prominent. It is curable without any surgical treatment. Proper diet and exercises are enough to get back into shape and reduce the excess fat from chest.

The last and most common form of the disease is “puffy nipples”. This occurs due to the accumulation of breast tissue directly under the nipple and area around. This creates a slight dome like appearance but it is unnoticeable under clothing. Surgery is not recommended for this type of gynecomastia as it is the least noticeable and painless form of the disease. Some medicines are also helpful in treating the disease but they are not preferred choice over surgery.

As mentioned earlier, this breast reduction surgery treatment is prominent in Beverly Hills. Gynecomastia patients want their chest to look perfect after the removal of excess fat or breast tissue. There are several plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills who perform this fat removal surgery. We highly recommend Dr. Tim Neavin, as he focuses heavily on providing male breast reduction. During your consultation with the doctor, he will evaluate your skin and discuss the best option available for you to get the proper shape. This male breast reduction surgery is not an easy and minor surgery. After the full examination of your skin the doctors will be able to tell you the duration of treatment. But this is sure that after the treatment, you will be able to regain your masculine looks according to your choice.

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New Trends In Plastic Surgery To Keep Americans Looking Young

Plastic surgeons are reporting the biggest trends in this field are focusing on other areas than the chin and breast which have been the most popular plastic surgeries procedure. Their reports state women are now focusing on getting bigger butts, smoother and fattier faces and smaller walls of the vagina. Increase in the size of breasts and liposuction are still fairly common, however now surgeons are seeing more requests in butt augmentation.

Surgeon Performing Butt AugmentationIn 2014 there was a spike in butt augmentation by 86% as compared to the previous year. President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael Edwards states this increase in number may be due to high profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. With this change in direction, breasts are now getting smaller while butts are getting bigger. It is not request of women to actually get bigger butts; they are looking for a shapelier one.

Getting rid of fat is still a high priority as surgical requests by women have gone back forth from breast implants to liposuction. In 2014 liposuction held the number one request spot followed by breast implants at number two, tummy tucks held the number three spot, eye lifts were at the fourth highest and breast lifts held number five. Surprising many was the increase last year of labiaplasty. This procedure is to reduce the size of the labia, or inner wall of the vagina. Dr. Edwards says this is due to women being self-conscious when they wear a bathing suit and the labia are visible. It is also said to be more comfortable to perform physical activities like running if the labia is smaller.

There was treatment hype recently involving the destruction of fat cells under the chin; however doctors feel it will become more of a trend to add fat to certain parts of the face. Age reduces the volume of a face and by making it a littler fatter is thought to become a more poplar procedure. Doctors are learning that if they add fat grafts it reorganizes elastic fibers under the skin providing a more youthful look.

Since 1997 plastic surgery has grown six-fold. The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP) says procedures have increased from 1.7 million to 10.6 million with a total cost to Americans over $12 billion. There are as many different fees as there are procedures and many doctors may vary in what they charge. These are a few samples of the fees involved with plastic surgery procedures:

* Liposuction- getting the fat out permanently and then allowing the skin to shrink creating a smaller tummy or chin will cost approximately $2,859
* Face lift- will bring the facial muscles up creating a younger look of six to eight years or tucking the eyelids to make the eyes look bigger can cost about $6,426.
* Tummy Tucks- will remove excess fat and skin to remove that flabby belly and will cost approximately $5,279.
* Breast lift- will lift the breasts up and keep them from touching your belly by raising them and reshaping their structure. This breast lift procedure will cost about $4,286.
* Butt Augmentation- will increase the size and reshape the buttocks for approximately $11,500.
* Labiaplasty- is a procedure to remove excess tissue from the labia for hygienic or cosmetic purposes for about $4,000.
* Adding fat to the face- is a procedure to provide a more youthful look by adding fat grafts under the skin will cost from $1,500 for 5 ml of fat, $2,000 for 10 ml of fat and $3,000 for 20 ml of fat.


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